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Better Process, Better Care, Better Offer

Find your freedom faster

We are use new technology to simplify this process which helps us move lightning quick. We can even close in a week (or whenever you need to). This means if you are looking for a fresh start, tired of late night tenant calls, or need to stop foreclosure...whatever the reason. We get you there sooner.

End 'those calls' almost immediately

Blue skies are ahead! Regardless of your circumstance we are a simple and friendly way to help get you back on the right track. Stop an embarrassing foreclosure or a super complicated short-sale today. Give us a call.

Have tenants? Let us handle them

We will buy your home occupied or vacant. Sometime being a landlord is tough! We get it. We can get you out from underneath all that landlord stress. We have a whole property management team that will professionally handle tenants. No costly repairs, no more late rent! Wahoo!

A stress free "As-Is" purchase

Forget about the added costs and time it takes to get your home ready with the other guys. Even a simple list of normal repairs will add up to thousands of dollars and weeks of time quickly. We can handle it all (and have seen it all). No worries. We got this!


Over the years we have put offers on a ton of houses! With our experience and introducing some great technology we actually have a pretty slick (and fast) process. Our team will take your information and run it though a formula that will take into account recent real estate transactions in your area (commonly called 'comps'), estimated repairs, and current market conditions and come up with a fair all cash offer. You will have nothing out of pocket.

There are NO fees or commissions when you work with us. It's simple. We make you an offer and if it's a fit, we will buy your house. No hassles, no headaches. You simply walk away leaving your burden behind.

Real Estate agents list properties for you and hope that someone will buy them. In exchange for this you pay the agent a percentage of the sales price. Typically between 3-6%. This means for every 100k the house sells for you owe them 3-6k! Agents provide a great service for those that are ready to pay thousands in repairs to get their house ready to sell and have the time to wait for a buyer (which means more mortgage payments!). We are different because our company actually buys the house from you in cash right away, 'as-is' with no repairs needed, and no fees or commission. We then spend the time and money needed to put the house on the market at a later time.

Of course not. You are under zero obligation with us. We know this process can be scary and confusing but we want to help you with that! Once you tell us a bit about your property , we'll take a look at things, maybe have a conversation and make a cash offer. From there it's 100% your decision! Even if you choose to not take our offer we are hoping we have educated you on all the options available when selling your home.

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